Ni-MH battery development trend
2021-04-01 02:33

Nickel-metal hydride batteries are already a mature product. At present, the number of nickel-metal hydride batteries produced in the international market is about 700 million annually. The scale and output of nickel-metal hydride battery industry in Japan has always been at the forefront of various countries. The United States and Germany are only in Japan The battery field has also been developed and developed for many years. China is rich in rare earth metal resources for manufacturing nickel-hydrogen battery raw materials, and its proven reserves account for more than 80% of the world ’s total proven reserves. At present, the processing technology of raw materials for nickel-metal hydride batteries developed in China is becoming increasingly mature. Nickel-metal hydride batteries can be used interchangeably with zinc-manganese batteries and cadmium-nickel batteries. In the future, round batteries will mainly develop towards the diversification and commercialization of product specifications, while the development of square batteries focuses on the power source of power vehicles.

Summary: The nickel-metal hydride battery has high charge and discharge efficiency and low internal resistance. During the charging process, in order to avoid damage to the battery cycle life caused by excessively high internal temperature of the battery, real-time detection of the battery is necessary; compared with lead-acid batteries, the drop gradient of the discharge voltage of the nickel-metal hydride battery over time is smaller, Therefore, it can release more energy and has a higher specific energy. These physical properties are very suitable for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles

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