Rail Transit Application


Energy solutions for railwayunderground systems (rolling stock)


Rail Transit is one of transportation means which has several characteristics of huge traffic volume, fast speed, high safety, punctuality, environmental-friendly, energyspace saving,so on, including metro, light rail transit, rapid railway, maglev, tram, etc.

Hengming is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of nickel cadmium industrial batteries, with over 30 years’ experience meeting the rail industry’s evolving power needs, our development is future-focused. All of our products are manufactured by the latest production methods, we use our experience, skillsknowledge to advise, plan, set up the projectfinally deliver the complete energy system.


The pocket typesintered type Nickel Cadmium battery manufactured by Henan Hengming Fengyun Power Source Co.,Ltd. has the characteristics of compact structure, low internal resistance, high reliability, high capacity, long service life, good performance under low temperature, quick charge by big currentexcellent resistance to over-chargeover-discharge, which is widely used as emergency back-up power for railwayrolling stocks (crossing guards, lighting, signaling, communicationstarting).

City traffic: suburban railwayunderground trains, as lightingemergency current supplyauxiliary batteries

Regional traffic: railway passenger carriages, as lightingemergency current supply

Long-distance traffic: railcars with internal combustion engines as a diesel starter battery, electric railcars as auxiliary batterymodern long-distance trains as an emergency power supply for diesel starting


With our worldwide salesdistribution network we are here to work closely with you, better understand your needs, to provide the best servicessolutions todaydevelop innovative systems for tomorrow.

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