How to use NiMH batteries correctly
2021-04-01 02:33

NiMH rechargeable battery life and correct usage

1. Take the method of using shallow charge and shallow discharge. Do not overcharge and over discharge, it will seriously shorten the life of NiMH batteries.

2. Nickel-metal hydride batteries have the same memory effect as nickel-cadmium batteries, but they are much smaller than nickel-cadmium batteries. So there is no need to perform discharge operation every time it is charged (because improper operation will damage the battery), only need to be fully charged and discharged once every three months to ease the memory effect.

3. Under normal circumstances, the new nickel-metal hydride battery has only a small amount of power. After purchase, it must be charged and then used. If the battery has a short delivery time and sufficient power, it can be recharged. New nickel-metal hydride batteries generally need to be charged and used 3-4 times before performance can be maximized.

4. Although the memory effect of nickel-metal hydride batteries is small, it is best to recharge after each use, and it is fully charged at one time.

5. It is best to use the matching charger for charging, because an unmatched charger may cause the battery to overcharge and shorten the battery life.

6. Charging of nickel-metal hydride batteries should be carried out at an ambient temperature of 0 ° C to 45 ° C.

7. It is best to fully charge the battery before long-term storage and store it in a cool and dry place.

8. The battery cycle life can be recycled more than 500 times under the conditions of correct use. When the battery usage time becomes extremely short, it indicates that the battery life is over.

9. The charging time must be strictly controlled according to the time in the manual, telling you that it is 8 hours, and charge for 8 hours. The deviation should not exceed 1 hour. Exceeding this range will seriously reduce the performance of the battery's electric particles.

10. During the cycle life of the nickel-hydrogen battery, the electrolyte should be prevented from deteriorating and the hydrogen evolution of the battery should be inhibited.

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