Battery knowledge
2021-04-01 02:34

Battery type: carbon-zinc battery alkaline battery mercury battery nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery lithium rechargeable battery lead-acid battery.

Development trend of battery

In the next few years, rechargeable batteries will occupy a larger market share, while the market share of disposable batteries will become smaller and smaller. The popularization of mobile phones, notebook computers and multimedia devices, mobile lighting, searchlights, etc. will require more and more Rechargeable Battery. The rechargeable battery is developing in the direction of environmental protection, light and thin, small energy and higher density.

Characteristics of the battery

Nickel-cadmium battery: long service life, small self-discharge, overcharge resistance, overdischarge, resistance to shock and vibration, stable and reliable performance, good fast charge performance, wide temperature range, good safety performance. NiMH battery: high specific energy, no memory effect, fast charge and discharge, good low temperature performance, no dendrite generation, preventing micro short circuit in the battery, good fast charging performance, long cycle life, pollution-free green battery, a wide range of Good temperature range and safety performance. Lithium-ion battery: high energy density, no memory effect, high voltage, long cycle life, light weight, small self-discharge, no pollution, especially suitable for high-precision cutting-edge industries.


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