Product characteristics of battery tester
2021-04-01 02:32

Battery tester, also known as battery tester or battery analyzer, is a professional analysis and testing device for the judgment of the working capacity of automobile batteries. For the car, although the battery accounted for a small proportion of the cost, but it plays an important role in the entire car. Therefore, to understand whether the car battery is still good, replacing the battery that will be scrapped in advance can effectively improve the service level and user satisfaction of the enterprise. It is used for battery production enterprises, automobile production lines, automobile maintenance enterprises and battery dealers, and other users in battery testing Bring great convenience in work.


1. Adopt the most advanced LCD touch operation mode, humanized operation interface, beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, easy operation, and can quickly complete on-site measurement.

2. Large storage capacity, capable of storing test data of 5,200 batteries in the table, and equipped with special computer management software to realize data storage, comparison of technical status of the same battery in different periods, analysis of battery deterioration trend, etc. Prospectively repair or replace the battery in time to avoid power failure.

3. In the case of strong ripple interference, the battery voltage and internal resistance can be accurately tested online.

4. The instrument program can be customized and updated according to user needs.

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