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2021-03-30 03:28

The aircraft Ni-Cad battery manufactured by Henan Hengming Fengyun Power Source Co., Ltd., With over 30 years’ experience, Hengming is the world leader in designingmanufacturing high technology battery systemsproducts dedicated to aeronautics. Hengming is the reference solution when providing custom-engineered battery systems with long life duration, high reliabilityenergy coming along with an unparalleled technical expertise, supportservices.


As a crucial link in aircraft safety, Hengming’s proven technology Ni-Cd battery solutions provide essential functions such as high peak power for autonomous engine APU starting,emergency power backup. We offer over 400 different battery designs suiting virtually every requirement, all optimized for energypower, guaranteeing the integration to each aircraft/or helicopter electrical architecture, thanks to a close cooperation built over the yearscovering the whole product life cycle between the major aircrafts OEMsour teams.

Our full range of  KPX (GNC) rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries provide the best cycle life cost with long life duration, high qualityreduced maintenance.


Our advantages:

30 years experience in aircraft battery

Fully comply with international aviation standards

Long life

High specific power, high specific energy

Strong mechanical properties

Wide operating temperature range

Ultra low maintenance requirements (KPX Series)

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